Who decides?

The National Committee will vote on who UNISON nominates after a consultation process with UNISON Labour Link members. The consultation is now closed and the committee meeting takes place on Thursday 11th August.


Eleanor Smith NEC (Chair) 
Wendy Nichols NEC (Vice Chair) 
Sue Forster NEC 
Chris Hanrahan NEC 
Mary Locke NEC 
Irene Stacey NEC 
Andrew Anderson NEC 
Gordon McKay NEC 
John Gray NEC 
Carol Sewell NEC 
Rena Wood NEC 

Ken Curran Yorkshire & Humberside (Vice Chair)
Tracy Grant Eastern 
Gary Ransford East Midlands 
Andrew Berry Greater London 
Pat Mcdonagh North West 
Linda Hobson Northern 
Gray Allan Scotland 
Steve Milford South East 
Neil Guild South West 
Mark Fisher Wales 
Sue Laws West Midlands

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